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Can I Take the Apply WHS Requirements Course Online?

WHS Requirements Course

There is little doubt that people prefer the convenience of virtual classes. After all, it’s the safer option during these times and people want to stay home more than ever. However, there are still important trainings for work that we need to take. So is it possible to take the Apply WHS Requirements course online instead of a face-to-face class?

Is The Apply WHS Requirements Course Available Online?

With most construction courses, it is preferable to take face-to-face classes. This is because there are practical activities that will help you determine risks in the workplace. However, you can take the Apply WHS Requirements course online. It is actually a better option for the type of information you will need.

The course itself is self-paced so you are given time to understand the lessons at your own convenience. This way, you will easily remember all the safety protocols that you’ve learned.

Do you need to take the online course? Make sure you have all the requirements needed for your training.

  • Online Module. Participants must complete the online pre-study module before taking the course. A link to the online pre-study will be provided once you have made the booking.
  • USI (Unique Student Identifier). You will need to provide a valid USI number. You may procure one here.
  • LLN (Language, Literacy and Numeracy). Participants are expected to complete an LLN assessment. This will determine their eligibility for the course.

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Please Note: We have a maximum of 10 students per class and practising social distancing requirements of students being no closer than 1.5 metres from each other. Please refer to Edway COVID Action Plan which can be found on our website.