Asbestos Awareness Course

Edway Training’s online Asbestos Awareness course is suitable for participants who require being able to identify asbestos in a workplace setting.

The goal of this course is to enable participants with the knowledge and awareness of the hazards and health effects of asbestos.


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Online Only Payments $45.00

$45 Online Only Payments

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Course Overview

Asbestos Awareness Course

  • Certificate Issued on the Day
  • Self Paced
  • Online

Edway Training’s online Asbestos Awareness course is suitable for participants who require being able to identify asbestos in a workplace setting.

Edway is Nationally Recognised & Accepted
by all Employers


If you are a PCBU (person conducting business or undertaking) or supervisor, you MUST ensure all persons performing Asbestos Removal Work must receive information, instruction and training to enable them to perform the work safely and without risk to health.Please note – this course does not give you the qualification to remove asbestos. For Asbestos Removal courses please see our Sydney or Melbourne Remove non-friable asbestos CPCCDE3014A webpages. We also do offer Supervise Asbestos Removal CPCCBC4051A in Melbourne.

The Asbestos Awareness Online Course is designed for persons who may encounter asbestos in their workplace, namely:

  • Tradesman and women
  • Electricians
  • Miners
  • Plumbers
  • Air conditioning installers
  • Renovations specialists
  • Painters
  • Mechanics
  • Labourers

Amongst other trades and industries.

Asbestos Awareness Online Course covers the following topics:

  • History of Asbestos
  • General information about asbestos and asbestos removal
  • Areas where you may typically find asbestos
  • Uses and location of Asbestos
  • Health defects and diseases associated with asbestos
  • Tips on how to avoid exposure
  • Legal and procedural processes
  • Asbestos Management Plan and other documentation regarding the removal of asbestos
  • PPE and decontamination
  • Removal and disposing of asbestos procedures

The course consists of:

  • Online theory guides
  • Infographics
  • Downloadable files
  • Examples of current documentation
  • Multiple choice answer quizzes

Course Outcomes

All students who are assessed as having competently completed the online course and quizzes will be awarded a Certificate Of Completion for Asbestos Awareness.

Please note that our ONLINE ONLY COURSE will NOT result in you receiving an accredited certificate upon completion of the course. Our online courses are designed for people who require the knowledge of asbestos and its principles and also for people who live in rural areas who cannot access face-to-face training to be assessed for practical competencies.

As this course is online only and practical competencies cannot be assessed via this method, participants will not receive an ASQA accredited certificate and, depending on your employer, may not be suitable for work. Check with your employer if this course is right for you if required for employment purposes before commencing the course. We do not offer refunds to students who did not realise they need accredited certificates.

Course Requirements

Students will be required to complete online assessments after referring to the various guides provided in the online portal.

Students will be required to submit a declaration after completion of their workbooks in order to receive their certificate.

Students will receive an electronic copy of their certificate immediately upon successful completion of the course, hard copy documents incur a $10 postage fee.

For technical specifications, please view our System Requirements document.



Training Provider Information

Asbestos Awareness is a non-accredited course that is delivered and certificates of completion are issued by Edway Training Pty Ltd

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