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Edway Training Pty Ltd (RTO 91401) is approved to deliver Smart and Skilled government subsidised training.

This training is subsidised by the NSW Government.

What is Smart and Skilled funding?

Smart and Skilled is a NSW Government program that helps people get training in in-demand skills and industries. Through Smart and Skilled vocational education providers deliver training that meets geographic, occupational and industry needs of communities across NSW.

Smart and Skilled Eligibility

To determine your eligibility for Smart and Skilled training, consider the following criteria:

If your answer is ‘Yes’ to all these questions, you qualify for the Smart and Skilled training program. This extends to those who have completed a vocational education and training (VET) course in high school, with exceptions for Aboriginal people and home-schooled students registered from January 1, 2017.

More info at NSW Government Education ‘Are you eligible for subsidised training?


In the Smart and Skilled program, student fees differ based on the program, qualification, and individual student traits.


The NSW Government directly pays the subsidy to training providers, while students contribute a portion termed the "student fee".

Consistent Fees
Across Providers

The same student fee applies regardless of the chosen Smart and Skilled provider, covering training from public, community, and private providers.

Qualification Fees

Fees are determined for the total qualification, rather than per year or semester.

Disclosure of
Additional Fees

Providers must disclose any additional fees to students before enrollment, separate from the standard student fee.

Fees for the selected course, as determined by the NSW Government, vary based on eligibility criteria. For welfare recipients, submission of additional documentation is necessary to ascertain the applicable fee.

More info at NSW Government Smart and SKilled prices, fees and subsidies

Enrolment Requirements

  • Your enrollment with Edway Training requires the provision of your Unique Student Identifier (USI). For more details about USI or to create one, please visit usi.gov.au
  • In accordance with the Smart and Skilled program requirements, Edway Training requires your consent for the Department of Education NSW to access your Personal Information. To facilitate this, you are required to complete and submit a form that grants permission for the use and dissemination of your Personal Information to the Department of Education NSW and other governmental bodies. Please note, in compliance with Australian regulations and requirements, this data may also be shared with additional Australian government agencies

RPL / Credit Transfer

For Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and Credit Transfer (CT), you can apply through Edway Training before enrolling. These processes can potentially reduce your course fee. RPL assesses your existing skills against set standards, while CT is applicable if you have relevant prior qualifications.

Additional Support

Additional support is offered to students. Please use the details below to enquire for additional info.

Student Handbook

Please refer to the Student Handbook for more Smart and Skilled related information.

Available Training Courses

Part Qualification in Certificate II Hospitality

Consumer Protection

Under Smart and Skilled, all students and potential students have rights aligned with the standards of the Australian Skills Quality Authority and the Smart and Skilled contract. The Consumer Protection Strategy outlines:

For unresolved issues, students can contact Training Services NSW online, by phone at 1300 772 104, or in person at a regional office.

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