Why White Card Needed for Supervise Asbestos Removal Course?
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Here’s Why You Need a White Card Before Taking Supervise Asbestos Removal Course

Why You Need a White Card Before Taking Supervise Asbestos Removal Course

There is little doubt that being a part of the construction industry means having to meet several different requirements. This is especially true with an asbestos supervisor who will need to undergo other training before taking their required course. But why is a White Card a major requirement if you will be taking the Supervise Asbestos Removal course?

Is White Card Needed For Supervise Asbestos Removal Course?

The General Construction Induction Training course is the one course that everyone working in construction will need to complete. After all, it is the only way to procure the White Card that is required for employees working in the industry. With that in mind, it is usually needed for any course involved in construction like Supervise Asbestos Removal.

So is a White Card a requirement when you take the Supervise Asbestos Removal course? Since you will be working in an environment where construction is taking place, you need to know proper safety measures. This is something that you learn when you complete General Construction Induction training.

Make sure you get your White Card by completing the Work Safely in the Construction Industry CPCCOHS1001A course first. This way, you will have all the requirements you need for the Supervise Asbestos Removal course. It is best to remember that you will not be allowed to take the course without the required White Card.

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