Get Your Red Card Melbourne Transferred to New White Card
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3 Reasons To Get Your Red Card Melbourne Transferred To The New White Card

Working in construction means you need the right certification. The old Victorian Red Card Melbourne can still be used although workers are encouraged to have it transferred to the new White Card. But why should you get the new Worksafe VIC card? Here are three reasons why you might need the proper transfer from the Red Card Melbourne to the new White Card.

  1. You can use it in other states. Workers already know that the Red Card can only be used in Victoria. On the other hand, the new Worksafe VIC white card is actually accepted anywhere in Australia. This is especially useful in case you might need to work in another state.
  2. Most companies prefer the new White Card. Although the Red Card is still accepted in Victoria, there are some employers who will require the new Worksafe VIC card. This is because getting the White Card requires taking Construction Induction training. A White Card holder is more likely to have taken a refresher on how to maintain safety in the workplace.
  3. It’s easier than taking Construction Induction training. When you get your Red Card transferred, you only need to present your old card and valid identification. You will also be required to pay a fee but you don’t need to undergo further training. As long as you can present the requirements, you will be given a Statement of Attainment immediately and your new White Card will be sent to you.

Are you ready to have your Red Card transferred to the new White Card? Visit the Edway Training location in Melbourne, Hallam, or Sunshine VIC and get your new Worksafe VIC card as soon as possible.