Why You Need a Melbourne Red Card to White Card Transfer
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Why You Need Red Card to White Card Transfer in Melbourne

Why You Need Red Card to White Card Transfer in Melbourne

The construction industry in Australia is continually being updated. This is why even people who have been working in construction have questions about requirements. One of the more recent updates has been a new requirement for getting a Red Card to White Card transfer. But why is this necessary in Melbourne?

What is a Red Card?

The Red Card was a mandatory legal requirement for persons working in the construction industry. It serves as certification that the holder had completed the required safety course to work in Victoria. In 2008, the Red Card was replaced with the White Card in Melbourne and for the rest of Victoria.

Can I Still Get a Red Card?

Red Cards are no longer accepted in Victoria. People working in the construction industry must now hold the WorkSafe VIC issued White Card. However, you can exchange your Red Card for a White Card in Melbourne.

How Can I Transfer Red Card to White Card in Melbourne?

If you have a Red Card, just bring the original card and a government-issued ID. You will also need a valid USI number before you will be given the new White Card. There is no training required as long as you provide the original card to an accredited provider.

NOTE: Be advised that there is a $75 fee for the Red Card to White Card transfer in Melbourne. The fee already includes the Statement of Attainment and the plastic card that will be mailed by WorkSafe VIC.


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