Everything You Need To Know About Asbestos Awareness Online Course

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There is little doubt that the internet has made everything more accessible these days. You can find anything you need on the net, from cute cat pictures to important information you will need for work. Amazingly, you can now take a virtual class required for your job. Here’s everything you will need to know about the Asbestos Awareness online course.

What is the Asbestos Awareness Online Course?

The Asbestos Awareness online course is designed to give participants the proper knowledge about asbestos and its principles. It is important training for people who might encounter asbestos in their workplace. This includes plumbers, labourers, and tradespeople.

But do you need to go to an office just to get the required training? Luckily, there is an Asbestos Awareness online course that you can take without leaving your home. It is also self-paced so you can learn the necessary information without any rush. Note: The course does not qualify you to remove asbestos.

What Do I Need for the Asbestos Awareness Online Course?

Taking the Asbestos Awareness online course is very easy and only has one major requirement. All participants are expected to complete the online module that serves as your assessment after referring to the guides. This can be found in the online portal.

You will be given the link to the online portal in a confirmation email. This will be sent after you complete the course booking. From there, you have all the time you need to complete the course at your own pace.

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Please Note: We have a maximum of 10 students per class and practising social distancing requirements of students being no closer than 1.5 metres from each other. Please refer to Edway COVID Action Plan which can be found on our website.