Forklift Licence And White Card Training – A Winning Combination

Looking for work?  Getting your White Card and Forklift Licence is a really good place to start.

Having White Card accreditation and a Forklift Licence are excellent for helping you find entry level jobs in industries as diverse as;

  • retail store-person
  • transport loader
  • construction work in many different areas
  • food importing and manufacturing loader, storers and general component carriers

Almost any area of work you can think of usually has a role for someone with a Forklift Licence and with White Card accreditation.

Recruitment websites such as usually have many, jobs advertised for those who have their forklift licence. Annual pay rates for full time forklift drivers earn between $50,000 upwards to $90,000. There are almost as many casual jobs listed as there are full time, and dayshift as well as nightshift roles are available.

Almost anyone who has the appropriate maturity, communication and physical qualities can be trained for their forklift licence, such as;

  • school leaver who just can’t stand to sit behind a desk
  • a career changer who needs to try something new
  • a backpacker who’s looking for casual work
  • good communicators who needs to find reasonably well paid, energetic work


  • specific WH&S awareness
  • hazards and risk awareness when driving a forklift
  • appropriate start-up and shut down procedures
  • all aspects of forklift operation

Anyone who’d like to work as a forklift driver in any of the booming construction industries in Sydney should be able to boost their chances of qualifying for entry-level work by combining their forklift license with White Card accreditation. 

White Card Prepare to Work Safely in the Construction Industry CPCCWHS1001 Training covers;

  • workplace health and safety trainingForklift licence & White Card Training
  • identifying and minimising risks and hazards
  • being aware of dangers to yourself and other workers

Edway (and our partner company Training Aid) is a Registered Training Organisation who only employs friendly, easy to understand instructors. All our instructors are industry-based and understand what they need to get you ready for your future employment.

To enrol, or find out any information about our White Card Training, or any other courses we are offering contact our Nationally Recognised Training OrganisationEdway Training. Call us nationally on our 1300 663 350 hotlines, like us on Facebook, Email, or simply fill out the form on our Contact Page

Please note, that currently, Edway Training doesn’t deliver Forklift licence.

This blog is general in nature and is ONLY meant to give readers an overview of the subject matter. DO NOT rely on this information for your specific needs. If you are planning to attend any of Edway’s Courses we highly recommend that you talk to professional recruiters in the specific industry or organisation you are seeking to enter, to advise on their SPECIFIC requirements

pic courtesy of @iKumpunen