Ensure Training Course Success With Edway Instructors

Ensure Training Course Success With Edway Instructors

One of the things Edway is most proud of is the high quality of the Instructors of our training course. There are many things to recommend Edway. We make sure our courses cover all the required units and every aspect of our teaching methods are up to date and effective. All our instructors understand each person who enrols in an Edway training course deserves the best possible conditions to be able to understand then apply their new skills in the workplace.

Many, many past students have appreciated Edway training instructors so much they have written glowing testimonials on our Facebook page. And our high level of Facebook reviews shows Edway only recruits the highest quality, industry based instructors. All our Training course instructors have been carefully chosen because they;

  • are easy to understand
  • are easy to talk to
  • are caring and concerned about all those who are enrolled in a course
  • have industry based knowledge and skills
  • have an understanding of the processes and skills actually needed in the workplace

A good instructor can communicate the knowledge needed to help employees work more safely, advance to a senior role in their company, and head their career in a different direction, follow their passion.

Shane Fisher is a typical example of one of our training course instructors.

Shane has been working in the training industry for well over 4 years. He is the ‘friendly type’ who loves ‘building rapport’ with all the students who attend the Edway Training courses he conducts. Shane loves his role as a trainer and really enjoys sharing his own experiences in the industry. Like the rest of our Short Course Melbourne trainers, Shane is forever patient with all his students.  He teaches Provide First Aid, Provide CPR and Edway’s White Card training course, both in our Melbourne premises and onsite when requested.
Like Shane, all our instructors are passionate about what they do. They know they can have a huge impact on the future careers of the students who participate in an Edway training course.

To enroll, or find out any other information concerning the courses we are offering contact our Nationally Recognised Training OrganisationEdway Training. Call us nationally on our 1300 663 350 hotline, like us on Facebook, Email, or simply fill out the form on our Contact Page for more information about our training courses

This blog is general in nature and is ONLY meant to give readers an overview of the subject matter. DO NOT rely on this information for your specific needs. If you are planning to attend any of Edway’s Courses we highly recommend that you talk to professional recruiters in the specific industry or organisation you are seeking to enter, to advise on their SPECIFIC requirements