Job Search – Which Are The Best Jobs For The Future?

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Before you do a job search to help decide what the best jobs for the future will be, there are a few things you need to think about. The world of employment is quickly changing and in these uncertain times, it’s not always easy to see which jobs will be around five, ten or twenty years in the future. If you Google job search, you might be surprised at to see where the best jobs for the future might be.

  • The recent Sydney Morning Herald article, Where Future Jobs Will Be – And Where They Won’t, revealed the best jobs for the future are more likely to be within trades rather than manufacturing and white collar careers. The general rule of thumb is ‘if your job can be done cheaper overseas, search for a different job.’ Job Search – Traffic Control, Traffic Management, Childcare First Aid, Bartending
  • Years ago a university certificate was almost a guaranteed job for life. Now the best jobs for the future are just as likely to be those you don’t need a degree for. Carry out your own quick job search; you will probably find future employment will be in Construction Careers, Caring Industries, and Niche Careers which could require upskilling.  Job Search – Childcare First Aid, Traffic Management, Advanced First Aid Careers
  • When you are doing your future job search, think about where you feel the most happiest. If the thought of being cooped up inside all day makes you feel sick, and then choose a career where you will be outdoors. If you love the thought of a physically demanding job, then look for a career that will keep you active. If you want to work from home as you raise children, think Childcare First Aid.

Chances are you will be working for the next forty or fifty years, so you might as well enjoy it. Job Search – Asbestos Removal, Childcare First Aid, Working Over Heights In A Boom Lift

  • If you love the job you do already, but it just doesn’t pay enough, thing of upskilling so you can take the next step up. Be honest, when we are thinking about our best jobs for the future, most of us make our choice on how much money we will be getting. Did you know a Construction Manager and a Boom Lift operator have some of the highest annual incomes? And they don’t have any HECs fees to pay back!! Read this article from the Herald Sun The Highest Paid Jobs You Don’t Need A Degree For – it might change your ideas about where your best jobs for the future will be. Job Search – Traffic Management, Working Over Heights In A Boom Or Scissor Lift, Asbestos Removal, WH&S Coordinator

When carrying out any job search, always keep in mind your where your own strengths and weaknesses lie. As we’ve said, the world is changing and the best jobs for the future won’t necessarily be in the sectors they once were. There are many, many rewarding opportunities for people who are not interested in going to university, or who don’t have the skills for a white collar job.

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