Jobs in Melbourne – Be Metro Melbourne Ready!

Jobs in Melbourne – Be Metro Melbourne Ready!

Just in case you missed it – the Victorian Premier announced the Metro Melbourne Twin Tunnel project will create a huge number of jobs in Melbourne and Victoria. The Premier has stated this will be one of the biggest state government infrastructure projects ever undertaken.

Even if the Premier’s forecasted job growth is optimistic, it is obvious that there will be jobs in Melbourne created, not only to build the Metro Melbourne Tunnel, but also from flow on industries which will support it.

What is the Metro Melbourne Tunnel Project?

At the moment, Melbourne’s train lines all feed into the city via three stations (Jolimont, Richmond and North Melbourne) and can’t connect to each other, except via the city loop line. But when the twin Metro Melbourne Tunnels are finished, there will be two extra feeder lines which will be able to access each other. Included in the project is building 5 new stations to increase access to the tunnels.

Support Factories in Western Suburbs and Regional Victoria

Not only has the state government committed to the Metro Melbourne tunnel, it has also acted to include strategies to increase employment opportunities;

  • 88% of all the materials which will be used to construct the tunnel will be sourced locally; including 93% of the steel which is needed.
  • new factories will be created in both the Western Melbourne suburbs and Country Victoria

This is a massive undertaking, and it is estimated there will be somewhere in the vicinity of 7,000 jobs created and maintained over the over the next nine years.

What You Can Do to Boost Your Chances of working on the Metro Melbourne Project

The contracts to build the tunnel will be awarded later this year. Be prepared to maximise your opportunity for gaining work by;

  • regularly checking sites like where contractors who are looking for people to fill work vacancies should advertise
  • make sure your White Card is up to date – if not take a refresher course
  • become First Aid & CPR accredited
  • take on a Traffic Management Course or refresher course.

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