The most effective First Aid Treatment For Snake Bites in Sydney
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First Aid Treatment For Snake Bites

First Aid Treatment For Snake Bites

Snakes are one of the most feared creatures in Australia. Although snakes are usually shy animals that avoid human interaction, they tend to attack whenever they feel threatened. Unfortunately, this leads to several snake bite incidents around the country. In addition to that, most people do not know that correct first aid treatment for snake bites.

There are several snakes species in Sydney and at least six of which are venomous. It is important to learn to identify venomous snakes and provide the correct first aid treatment. If you are unsure if the snake that bit you is venomous, contact Triple Zero 000 immediately. Make sure to take down notes about the snake’s appearance, the time of the bite, and when the bandage was applied.

Most people believe that sucking out the venom is the best way to deal with a snake bite. However, this is a dangerous misconception since the poison could spread to the other person and there will be two victims instead of one. In addition to that, you should not wash the wound and simply focus on staying calm while waiting for the ambulance to arrive. Relaxing will prevent the venom from spreading through the body faster.

Putting a tourniquet on a snake bite is another common misconception. Unfortunately, this could damage nerves and make the situation worse. It is best to put a pressure bandage to help with immobilisation. This will restrict the spread of venom and give the victim more time while waiting for the ambulance.

Dealing with snake bites is just one of the many things you will learn during first aid training. Make sure you are prepared for anything by taking Provide First Aid HLTAID003 courses from Edway Training. They have locations at the Sydney CBD and Liverpool NSW so book today and keep safe from snakes.