3 Warning Signs That Require CPR

CPR is truly one of the most important first aid procedures people need to learn. The procedure can potentially save lives in almost every emergency situation. So how would you know if a person is in need of the life-saving procedure? You will need to watch out for certain warning signs that will tell you if you need to act quickly.

How CPR can help with sudden collapse and unconsciousness.

When a person faints, there is a huge chance that they will require CPR. Try to wake them up if possible. If the patient does not wake up, you need to check if they are breathing and if they still have a pulse.

Breathing issues.

Is the patient having trouble breathing? This should be one of the instances where you need to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation. It will help provide oxygen to their brain and potentially save their life.

Weak or no pulse.

The pulse is usually an indication that the heart is still working. When a patient has a weak pulse or no pulse at all, this is a sign that the heart has stopped. Work immediately and make sure to contact emergency services.

There are several instances where CPR is required but you must also be aware of the surroundings. For instance, a person might faint because of electrecution. Before you act, check your surroundings and identify the powers source. Make sure it is turned off before touching the patient and applying first aid.

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