Everything You Need To Know About RSA Training In Melbourne

Everything You Need To Know About RSA Training In Melbourne

If you’re trying to get a job in a restaurant, pub, or night club in Melbourne, you may have been told that you need to get RSA Training. But what is this requirement and why is it so important? Completing the course is required if the establishment you will work for serves alcohol. The training will help you prepare for the job ahead.

What establishments require RSA Training?

All Melbourne establishments that serve alcohol require their employees to procure the Victorian RSA certificate. This includes restaurants, night clubs, pubs, sports stadiums, concert halls, and music festivals that serve alcoholic beverages. The certification is proof that the holder has completed RSA training and have the skills and knowledge to maintain safety in their workplace.

What do you learn in RSA Training?

The RSA course all types of alcohol-related topics like important facts about the liquor industry and the dangers of intoxication. You will also learn to refuse service to minors and how to deal with intoxicated patrons. This way, you can ensure that your workplace is always safe both for your colleagues and your patrons. In addition to that, you will feel more confident about doing your job when you know you are prepared.

What are the requirements in RSA Training?

There are two major requirements if you need to take the RSA course. You must provide a valid form of identification and have a basic understanding of the English language. Additionally, you are expected to arrive 15 minutes before the course starts in order to complete the necessary paperwork beforehand.

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