Becoming A Traffic Controller: What You Need To Know

Struggling economies, high fuel prices, and an increased cost of living, have made people reconsider their lines of work. In fact, you could start to wonder if you ought to look into other fields, update your resume, or even enrol in online courses like a Traffic Control Course. Industries in particular that are constantly working with jobs that are always in demand can be the solution for you!

The traffic control field fits this category perfectly. Before you go ahead and apply for one of our Traffic Control courses, there are a few things you need to know:

What Opportunities Await You

Depending on the nature of your current job, traffic control can be an exciting alternative. More than that, it can lead to new opportunities and careers in construction, event coordination, and city planning. Besides the potential it has, it can also be a fulfilling career path.

What Your Job Could Look Like

Enrolling in our Traffic Control Course will no doubt open new doors for you. You get to work outside, which is a good change from a cramped office cubicle. But more importantly, your job responsibilities will likely include tasks such as managing traffic flow, planning routes, advising on traffic management solutions, and working with specialised equipment.

Additionally, you will be expected to wear safety-issued clothing and PPE. You will also need to be able to endure long work hours, move around equipment and tools, and deal with different weather conditions.

What To Expect On The Job

No day is the same in the traffic control industry. Your general tasks will likely change on a daily basis, which can make for a more exciting job! Besides this, you can look forward to changing locations often. Traffic control is always in demand, meaning you will be able to find work all year round.

How We Can Get You Started

Edway Training offers four comprehensive Traffic Control courses to help you get started in this new field. Offered at our Melbourne branch, these courses are diverse, interesting, and will prepare you with the necessary skills to take on traffic control. Our offering includes Traffic Control , Traffic Management , a Traffic Control Refresher and a Traffic Management Refresher Course . These certifications do not give you a complete qualification, but rather facilitate one with the Implement Traffic Management Plan (RIIWHS302D).

Good, old-fashioned, dependable jobs are hard to come by these days. But with our assistance, you can equip yourself with skills that are constantly in demand through our Traffic Control Courses and more. Contact us to book your course and start working today.