Job Opportunities To Look Forward To With RSA Certification
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Job Opportunities To Look Forward To With RSA Certification

The job market right now is extremely competitive. The drive for success is simply not enough, especially for those who are looking for a career change in the hospitality industry. People are equipping themselves with the necessary certifications, experience, and even networking just to get ahead. You need the right set of skills, qualifications, and willingness to enrol in the RSA Course in Sydney, for example, to make a successful changeover onto a new career path.

Responsible Service of Alcohol Certification is a must on your resume for a number of job opportunities. But more so if you intend on expanding your career within hospitality or adding to your current responsibilities in the field.

Before you start, you may be curious about your job opportunities once you are certified. Here are just a few to help you decide:

Liquor Expert 

Working in a liquor store will require more than an extensive knowledge of alcohol and a friendly demeanour. You need RSA certification to conduct lawful business, such as selling alcohol to customers and working in the liquor supply industry.

Drinks Specialist

An RSA certification also allows you to serve alcohol to patrons in bars, pubs, and restaurants. It’s a complex job that requires you to be quick on your feet and a good seller, and an RSA course is the first step to getting there.

Event Coordinator 

Thinking about working as an event coordinator? Putting together high-end events and functions is a talent! You’ll be managing many aspects of event coordination, from guests and decor, to catering food and drinks. An RSA certification allows you to perform your job effectively and within the constraints of the law too.

Restaurant Manager

The to-do list of a restaurant manager is constantly updated. You get to experience the bustling restaurant scene from the inside. And in order to do well in this fast-paced environment, you’ll need RSA certification to make your mark.

The job options are endless once you are qualified to serve alcohol in Australian hospitality establishments. Instead of missing out on exciting, new careers that await you because of your lack of certification, you begin your journey with our offerings! With our RSA course in Sydney, you will not only meet the requirements for working in the hospitality industry but also give your resume a boost. Get in touch with us to learn more about our certification process for our online and in-person training courses.