When To Take Traffic Control Refresher Course In Melbourne?
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Find Out When It’s Time To Take The Traffic Control Refresher Course In Melbourne

Traffic Control

In any industry, completing a training course is mandatory before employment commences. You need to have the proper certification required for a specific position. It’s the same thing if you’re working as a traffic controller using a stop-slow bat in Melbourne.

Why Do I Have To Take A Traffic Control Refresher Course in Melbourne?

Most training certifications have expirations. If you want to continue working as a traffic controller, you must undertake the Traffic Control Refresher course in Melbourne. You are required to attend Control Traffic with Stop-Slow Bat RIIWHS205E refresher course.

How will you know when you need to take the Traffic Control Refresher Course in Melbourne? Your traffic control qualification is only valid for three years. Therefore, taking a refresher course is mandatory to renew your certification. Your certificate must not be expired for more than 3 months from the 3-year validity.

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