Everything You Need To Know About White Cards In Australia

You Need To Know About White Cards In Australia

Are you new to Australia and planning to find a job in construction? There is a huge chance that you have been asked for White Cards in Australia. But what is this white cards in Australia and why is it so important? Interestingly, the certificate is an essential requirement to ensure safety in the workplace.

Why Do I Need A White Card?

The White Card is a mandatory work card you need in Australia before you can work in a construction site. It is a requirement even for those who are not involved with labour but still work close to the site. It needs to be carried on your person whenever you are at your workplace.

The work card generally does not expire. However, it is considered void if you haven’t worked in construction for two consecutive years. In this case, you will need to have it renewed.

How Do I Get A White Card?

The work card can be obtained by taking the Construction Induction Training. This covers work health and safety-related topics so you can learn how to stay safe at work. Although you can take the course online, it is recommended to take face-to-face training. This is because some companies do not accept cards procured online.

Before taking the course, make sure you have all the requirements. You will need to present your passport, driver’s license, or any form of identification. Remember that you need to provide 100 points of ID before you can begin training.

Where Can I Get White Card Training In Australia?

Make sure you’re getting your certification from a nationally recognised provider. Edway Training offers Prepare to Work Safely in the Construction Industry CPCCWHS1001 courses in Sydney and Melbourne. Book today and get started on your new career in Australia.