Does RCG Training Qualify You For RSA Competency Card?


There is little doubt that people working in the gaming industry are required to undergo proper training before they work. This means taking the right courses that will qualify them to get the certification needed in the industry. But do some courses also qualify you for a different job? Will getting RCG Training qualify an individual for the RSA competency card as well?

Does RCG Training Also Qualify You For The RSA Competency Card?

Alcohol and gambling always go together since people prefer to drink when taking risks. This is why gaming arenas and casinos serve alcoholic beverages to their patrons. When you get RCG Training, you are taught how to recognise drunk and disorderly behaviour. In addition to that, you learn how to deal with the situation properly.

But is it enough to qualify you for the RSA competency card? It is best to remember that you need to take the RSA course to get the certification. This is because the course offers a more detailed preparation for the dangers of alcoholism. If you want to get the certificate, you will need to take the RSA course separately.

RCG Training deals with topics related to gambling as opposed to drinking. Although it includes information about alcohol, the course generally focuses on a different set of topics. In contrast, the RSA course tackles topics involving alcohol and completing the class is the only way to get the competency card.

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