Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) Can Be Applied in Your Home!

Summer in Australia brings the promise of long hot days relaxing and enjoying one of this nations favourite pastimes – the backyard barbecue. But the Sunday barbie has come a long way since the 1960’s and 70’s when it was enough to have burnt chops and sausages on a rusty grill a fire and some beers in an esky.


These days outdoor entertaining is plush, with sophisticated gas stoves a full outdoor bar and fridge. Which all add up to endless hours of entertaining.


But what happens when things get out of hand and that mate – there is always one – who goes to far and gets way too drunk?


As the homeowner, and host of the party you have a responsibility to not only make sure your guests have a good time at your place, but are safe and able to get home without mishap or accident.


Three ways to make sure your guests don’t go too far:


1) Hydration

Make sure there is not only plenty of food but also water available. Encourage guests to have a wine or beer glass as well as a water glass on hand. The hotter the day, the more important this is.


2) Moderation

If you are serving spirits, keep an eye on the ratio of alcohol to mixers – more spirits are not necessarily better – and as it gets later, put less rather than more in.

Light beer, non-alcoholic wine and punches are also good options to have on hand.


3) Plan B

And if things do get out of hand, discreetly confiscate car-keys. If you know your mate is over the limit, you can convince them that the keys are lost but there is a bed -and you’ll help to find them in the morning.

Call a taxi or organise a mini-bus to take people home – this has the added bonus of being able to end the party at a certain time!


The responsible service of alcohol is not confined to licensed venues – everyone has a responsibility to moderate the amount drunk and to help those who’ve had too much stay safe.


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