Avoid Workplace Abuse With The Right Qualifications

Unskilled labour jobs on construction sites or in industrial areas such as shipping yards or with freight companies offer a good opportunity for migrants who are getting settled in Australia. While basic English skills are usually required, physical strength, willingness to work and a White Card are all that is really needed to get a job labouring.

But unfortunately some employers are unscrupulous and will take advantage of workers who are not fully aware of their rights and responsibilities under Australia’s Fair Work conditions.

This means that you may not be paid the correct wage, the workplace becomes dangerous if employees do not know or understand the Work, Health and Safety requirements, and you can be subject to abusive behavior and dismissed with no warning.

Make sure you know your rights when you work as a labourer.

You must:

  • Make sure you have the right qualifications for the work you’re are applying for. For example, any work conducted on a building site requires a White Card.
  • Make sure you have any other relevant certification needed to do your job such as a Confined Space, Forklift, Working Safely at Heights certificate.
  • Know what your rights as an employee are – information is available from Fair Work.
  • Make sure you are covered for Workers Compensation in case you are injured and not able to continue working.

Your employer must:

  • Check that you do have the required certification and qualifications.
  • Pay you the correct award wages.
  • Makes sure you get the required holidays, sick pay and overtime
  • Ensure everyone on site understands the Work Health and Safety requirements.
  • Has a qualified first aid person on site.

The more qualifications you have, the better the level of employment and the higher the wage you can earn.

An employer on a construction or industrial site who does not check that you have a valid White Card is negligent and any work conducted may be deemed illegal. Qualifications such as the White Card and Confined Spaces certificate etc are there to make sure that your workplace operates under the safest conditions possible.

Edway Training provides the face-to-face White Card and Confined Space training with trainers and instructors that have many years of actual industry experience.

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