Beat the Booze Bus with New Wave Mocktails
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Beat the Booze Bus with the New Wave of Mock-Tails

In the run-up to Christmas, the police are out in force with RBT (Random Breath Testing) units popping up faster and brighter than Christmas trees.

But rather than curb our festive spirits by avoiding the pre Christmas celebrations, many cocktail bars are coming to the party with a life-saving solution (literally).

Serving up a menu of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks has been common for quite some time, but the ubiquitous Lemon Lime and Bitters might as well have been re-named The Designated Driver and slapped with a ‘no fun’ label. Added to that, diverse cultural and religious backgrounds, and health are also contributing to the need for non-alcoholic drinks that are not water or lemonade.

Recently many bars and restaurants have splashed out and created a menu of well crafted, tasty virgin cocktails – a rebranded mock-tail that won’t push the breath-test much beyond 100% safe to drive, or leave you with a headache the next day.

Many bars, restaurants and clubs have realised that specifically catering to those who don’t wish to drink for the entire night by providing a viable, tasty and attractive alternative, they are not only keeping patrons on premises for longer, people are more likely to responsibly consume alcohol and not drink beyond their limit.

These establishments have developed menus of virgin cocktails created to look every bit as enticing and grown up as their alcoholic cousins with the same attention to balance of taste, texture and aesthetic impact.

If you intend on making these delicious mock-tails in a commercial bar which does also service alcohol, even though there is no alcohol in the mock-tails you are still required by law to have a valid RSA. Edway Training offers RSA certification – make sure you are up to date before the festive season is in full swing – contact us or book into our next course.

For our NSW RSA class schedule click here. Edway Training offers the RSA course in Sydney, Parramatta and Liverpool.

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