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What Does A Workplace First Aid Officer Do?

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What Does A Workplace First Aid Officer DoEvery Victorian workplace is legally required to have at least one trained First Aid Officer. Every year there are many, many incidents and accidents managed by first aid officers in almost every workplace.  The majority of most workplace first aid officers will only ever handle minor first aid issues. However, in large workplaces of over ten employees, or workplaces defined as particularly dangerous, the role of a first aid officer can be more complex.

There are many responsibilities first aid officers need to competently manage, these include:

Duties of a Workplace First Aid Officer includes:

  • clearly assessing what has happened during an accident or incident
  • Identifying hazards and risks
  • Controlling cross contamination of infections
  • Calmly reassuring casualty
  • Assess patient and identify possible first aid solutions
  • Apply first aid
  • Call for appropriate assistance

First Aid Officers need to have these personal qualities:

  • having a good understanding the role of a first responder if an incident or accident occurs
  • be able to access and manage first aid processes and techniques in a calm manner
  • be physically able to perform techniques such as CPR resuscitation
  • be aware of both your own and others well-being

If you think you have these qualities, then the chances are you would make an excellent First Aid Officer.

  • Australia is has one of the lowest number of trained first aiders in the world – just 5% of Australians have training in basic first aid management. In 2017, there have already been 115 work related fatalities – that’s 115 people who did not come home from work.
  • There were an incredible 107 355 serious workers’ compensation claims in 2014–15.
  • It needs to be remembered that the majority of workplace injuries were minor and did not require registering for compensation.

Make it your responsibility to look after yourself, your workmates and the general public by becoming a First Aid Officer at your workplace.

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