Advanced First Aid Melbourne Time to take the next step?

Advanced First Aid is one of our most popular first aid courses in Sydney, and is now open for enrolment at our Melbourne premises. Advanced First Aid Melbourne is the most senior first aid role workplace accreditation, before Professional Medical Practitioners.  If you are already working as a first aid officer, and are ready to take on a more supervisory and advanced role – Advanced First Aid Melbourne is definitely the course you should be enrolling in.  

Edway’s Advanced First Aid Melbourne accreditation focuses on the management and supervisory skills and techniques required by first responders to incidents and accidents. The course is designed to provide a framework of processes and techniques for responsible senior personnel whose role is to ‘take charge’ in the case of a medical emergency.

Our Advanced First Aid Melbourne training can be roughly broken up into 4 areas:

  • OH&S advisor/supervisor – who assesses a workplace, identifies and advises on risk and hazard management strategies
  • The role of a first responder is to:
  1. assess and determine how an incident or accident needs to be managed,
  2. supervise, monitor and make sure the correct first aid techniques are being used,
  3. liaise with professional medical and emergency personnel,
  4. supervise cleaning up the site
  5. fill out necessary paperwork and incident reports.
  • Understanding and being able to competently practise Advanced First Aid and CPR techniques; such as use of a Back Boards and Stretchers Trauma Dressings, Oxygen Tanks and Bag Valve CPR Masks
  • Evaluating the situation, , and recommending changes of procedures if necessary.

This is a combo course which covers both HLTAID006 Provide Advanced First Aid and HLTAID007 Provide Advanced Resuscitation practises and techniques.

Team leaders of OH&S Officers, Supervisors in Health Care and Sports Facilities, Senior Defence Staff, Construction First Aid Officers,  School First Aid Officers, and many other responsible roles in First Aid, will all greatly benefit from having their accreditation in Advanced First Aid Melbourne.

If you are ready to take the step up into a more senior first aid role, then Edway’s Advanced First Aid Melbourne Training is definitely the course for you.

To enroll, or find out any other information concerning our One Day Advanced First Aid Melbourne course – contact our Nationally Recognised Training OrganisationEdway Training.

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*This blog is general in nature and is ONLY meant to give readers an overview of the subject matter. DO NOT rely on this information for your specific needs. If you are planning to enrol in any of our courses, we highly recommend that you speak to a professional recruiter or a PR representative to advise on your SPECIFIC requirements.