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First Aid Tips For Childcare Workers

First Aid Tips For Childcare Workers

It is important for all childcare workers to know first aid and why it is important to have the latest first aid tips for childcare workers. As a child’s primary guardian whenever their parents are away, nannies need to know exactly what to do in case of emergencies. Your knowledge must include everything from treating a minor scratch to a broken arm to major head injuries. Here are a few first aid tips for childcare workers you’ll need to remember.

Make sure you have the latest first aid tip for childcare workers.

You never know when accidents can happen. This is why all childcare workers must always be prepared with the right tools. It is best to keep a first aid kit within reach when you are watching a child.

The kit must have all the necessities like bandages and gauze dressings of different sizes, tweezers, scissors, and cleansing wipes. It must also have antiseptic cream, painkillers, antihistamine, and sterile gloves.

Don’t panic.

It’s easy to lose your cool when a child is in danger. However, panicking will only make things worse for you and for your patient. If an adult panics, the child will immediately follow suit, which could easily worsen the situation.

Remember that you need to be calm when dealing with an emergency. This way, you will be able to assess the situation properly and act accordingly.

Always have a phone with you so you can contact Triple Zero.

Every childcare worker should have a phone with them for emergency purposes. This way, you can immediately call for help when the situation gets out of hand.

Make sure your phone is always fully charged. Bring a charger with you whenever you are watching a child.

Working in childcare is truly fulfilling and you can be ready for anything with the proper first aid training. Make sure you have the right knowledge today. Edway Training offers Provide an Emergency First Aid Response in an Education and Care Setting HLTAID004 courses in Sydney CBD and Liverpool. Book now and be prepared for any situation.