Here’s Why You Need To Refresh CPR Training In Melbourne

Why You Need To Refresh CPR Training In Melbourne

Most people believe that you only need to take CPR training once and you’ll be set for life. However, designated first aid responders are usually required to take a refresher CPR training annually. But why do you have to refresh your knowledge every year? There are several reasons why it is important to get refresh CPR training regularly.

What Is CPR Training Refresh Course?

 Providing advanced resuscitation is an important part of first aid training. It is a requirement for first aid responders at the workplace. For ‘high risk’ workplaces, an Advanced First Aid Officer with Advanced Resuscitation accreditation is required for every 25 employees. While Advanced First Aid Training is valid for three years, advanced resuscitation should be refreshed every year.

Here are a few reasons why CPR refresher course is required annually:

  1. Medical technology continues to evolve every year. Specialists are constantly researching on the best way to treat patients. This is why there are new guidelines that can be added on a regular basis. The training you received the year before might not be the same as this year’s guidelines.
  2. People tend to forget their training after a few months. You might perform perfectly during the course but specialists have found that people cannot remember everything from their training. As a first aid responder, you are responsible for saving lives so your knowledge needs to be refreshed.
  3. It is the best way to practice your skills. If safety is properly enforced in the workplace, you might not need to use your CPR training all year. Although this is a good thing, you will also need to be reminded of how to perform the task at the refresher course.

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