How To Get Red Card To White Card Transfer In Melbourne

Here's How You Can Get Red Card To White Card Transfer In Melbourne

Having a Red Card in Victoria was once the most important requirement for people working in construction. However, the certificate is no longer accepted in the state. Luckily, there is a way to transfer your old Victorian Red Card to the new White Card in Melbourne that is accepted everywhere in Australia. In addition to that, you don’t need to undergo any new training to get the new certification. Read on to find out how you can transfer Red Card to the new White Card in Melbourne.

What Is The Difference Between Red Card And White Card?

The Red Card is the mandatory certification required for employees working in the Victorian construction industry. The certificate allows you to work anywhere in Victoria but was not acceptable in any other states. In contrast, the WorkSafe VIC White Card can be issued in Melbourne and will be accepted anywhere in Australia. Moreover, the Red Card is no longer issued in Victoria and has been replaced by the White Card.

How Does Red Card To White Card Transfer Work?

If you are interested in getting an updated card, all you need to do is bring your original Red Card with readable numbers to the Edway Training office in Melbourne, Hallam, or Sunshine. Copies or cards with unreadable numbers will not be accepted. Make sure to present a valid government-issued ID. You may bring your passport, Australian driver’s license, Student Card, or Proof of Age card.

It’s as easy as that. You will receive your new card within 30 minutes after completing the required documents. This means that there is no training required. You can then expect to use your new White Card for work.

Ready to make the big change from Red Card to White Card? Visit the Edway Training offices in Melbourne, Hallam, or Sunshine today and begin working in the construction industry again soon.