What If You Lost Your Construction Induction Training Card?
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What To Do If You Lost Your Construction Induction Training Card in Melbourne

Construction Induction Training Card

When you work in construction, your White Card is the most important thing you should always have on your person. After all, you will not be allowed to work unless you have the certification. But what happens if you lose this important document? What should one do if they lost their Construction Induction Training card in Melbourne?

What Happens If You Lost Your Construction Induction Training Card in Melbourne?

The White Card is the primary requirement of all people working in the construction industry. This is because it is proof that they have completed the required course and are aware of the safety regulations. Unfortunately, this also means without it, you will not be allowed to enter a location where construction is taking place.

But what happens if you misplaced your White Card? This is a serious problem for an employee. Luckily, a lost Construction Induction Training card can be replaced in Melbourne. You just need to contact WorkSafe VIC on 1300 852 562 so they can issue a replacement for you.

The replacement card would also apply for a White Card that was stolen or damaged beyond recognition. Just be advised that a certain fee might apply to your new card. With that in mind, it’s best to always be careful of your White Card.

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