Here's Why You Need Red Card to White Card Transfer Now
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Here’s Why You Need Red Card to White Card Transfer Melbourne!

Working in the construction industry has one important requirement, which is a WorkSafe VIC issued White Card, however if you have the old red card you can transfer your red card to white card melbourne transfer. But what if you only have the old Victorian card, luckily, getting the new card is easy. You can easily get a Red Card to White Card transfer Melbourne without any trouble.

What is the Difference Between Red Card and White Card?

The Red Card is the old Victorian card that was issued in the state for all employees working in the construction industry. However, the card has since been replaced by the WorkSafe VIC White Card.

The Red Card is still accepted anywhere in Victoria as long as it was issued before July 1, 2008. However, it is important to remember that the Red Card is only accepted in the state while the White Card can be used anywhere in Australia.

Why Should I Transfer?

Getting a White Card is important if you want to work in construction again since most companies will only accept the new WorkSafe VIC card. In addition to that, it is a better option if you might consider working in another state.

How Do I Get Red White Card Melbourne?

You don’t need to get any special training for the transfer. Simply present your old Red Card at the Edway Training locations in Melbourne, Hallam, or Sunshine VIC along with a valid form of ID. Remember that you will need to bring the original card itself as copies will not be accepted. In addition to that, the numbers on the card must be legible.

The transfer only takes a few minutes and you will be issued your new White Card immediately. Head down to Edway Training today to get your new card!