Important CPR Melbourne Tips to Remember During Summer

CPR Tips to Remember During Summer

Summer might seem like a fun season but it’s also dangerous for most people. After all, there are more reported drownings and heatstroke incidents during the summer. This is why it is so important to learn CPR Melbourne in preparation for the season. Here are a few important tips to remember so you can stay safe this summer by undertaking CPR Melbourne course.

Check if the patient is responsive.

It is important to check on the patient before providing chest compressions. Try to get them to respond. Check if their breathing is normal. If so, proceed with hands-only compressions.

Find out why the patient collapsed in the first place.

There will be several instances where a patient collapses for unknown reasons. Just remember that it is best to try and learn the reason why they lose consciousness. There will be cases where hands-only CPR will not be enough. In these cases like cardiac arrest and near-drowning, you need both chest compressions and rescue breathing.

Know when to stop chest compressions.

You will need to keep providing hands-only compression until the patient’s breathing is normal. You may want to stop if you are too tired. However, make sure that someone can take over for you. Keep providing compressions until a trained professional takes over.

Never forget to call for help.

It is best to immediately provide CPR in order to save the patient’s life. However, you must also remember to contact Triple Zero 000 so an ambulance can be sent. If you are unable to call, get someone to make the call for you. This way, the patient’s chance of survival will be greater.

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