Here’s Why You Need A White Card Course in Sydney

Why You Need A White Card Course in Sydney

Are you interested in getting a job in the construction industry in Sydney? If so, you may have learned that you will need to take the White Card course Sydney. But why is it so important to get Construction Induction training? The course is a requirement for several good reasons.

Why Do I Need A White Card Course in Sydney?

Before you can work in the construction industry in Sydney, you need to procure the NSW White Card. This is a requirement for people who carry out construction work or access operational construction zones. This would include site managers and supervisors, surveyors, labourers and tradespersons.

The only way to get the NSW White Card is to complete the White Card Course in Sydney. The course covers Work Health and Safety related topics including how to deal with construction hazards. This way, you will be able to enforce safety in the workplace.

Where Can I Take A White Card Course in Sydney?

It is important to find a nationally recognised provider like Edway Training where you can take the White Card Course. Although there are online courses available, be advised that some companies do not accept White Cards obtained online. Your best option is a formal face-to-face training session.

What Do I Need Before Taking The Course?

Make sure you complete the required 100 points of identification by presenting your driver’s license and passport. You must also have a basic understanding of the English language. Be advised that you are expected to arrive at least 15 minutes before the session starts. This way, you can complete the paperwork ahead of time.

Are you interested in taking the White Card Course? Edway Training offers Prepare to Work Safely in the Construction Industry CPCCWHS1001 courses in Sydney CBD. Book now and get started on a promising new career today!