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First Aid Tips To Remember In Case Of Fire

First Aid Tips To Remember In Case Of Fire

Fires can happen without notice in any location. This is why it is important to know the important first aid tips when disaster strikes at home. Be prepared for a possible house fire with this easy guide.

First Aid Tips You Need In Case of Fire

Take note of these first aid tips that can save you and your family during a fire.

  1. Know where the fire extinguisher is located. A small fire can easily be conquered with an extinguisher. Make sure the extinguisher is kept away from small children but easily accessible to adults. The best option is to keep one in the kitchen.
  2. Evacuate all people and pets from the premises. Don’t bother gathering valuables before leaving the house. It is more important to bring your loved ones out first.
  3. Lay close to the ground. Smoke inhalation is hazardous so you will need to crouch or crawl towards an exit. Another option is to cover your face with a damp towel if available.
  4. NEVER open a hot door. Avoid doors where smoke is coming through underneath. You need to check doors before opening them. If it is cool, it should be safe.
  5. Call for help. Dial 000 to contact emergency services. If you are using a mobile phone, you should call 112.

It is always best to get proper training so you can be ready for emergencies like fires. Edway Training offers Provide First Aid HLTAID003 courses in Melbourne. The comprehensive course will provide tips on how to deal with a house fire. Book now and be ready to face all types of situations.

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