Natural First Aid Remedies For Asthma

Natural First Aid Remedies For Asthma

People who are prone to asthma attacks are most likely to rely on medication to alleviate their symptoms. However, most inhalers contain steroids and could be harmful with long-term use. Luckily, there are some natural first aid remedies for asthma that can help you breathe easy.

Natural First Aid Remedies for Asthma That are Also Good For You


Asthma is usually triggered by certain foods. This is why it is best to avoid possible allergens like shellfish, milk, nuts, or eggs. Luckily, the following items will ease your breathing and prevent future attacks. Take note: Make sure to check with your doctor before trying these remedies.

  1. Ginger – Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties and can boost your immune system. In addition to that, the spice can relax your airways. Try grating the root and mixing with honey and hot water to make a delicious tea.
  2. Turmeric – The bright yellow powder has several health benefits and its curcumin content can reduce airway obstruction. You can make turmeric tea by mixing some lemon and honey in hot water to clear your lungs.
  3. Coffee – A cup of coffee can wake you up in the morning in the best possible way. The caffeine expands your airways which helps you breathe more oxygen. It is best to take black coffee but if it is too strong, you can opt for a dairy-free creamer.

These natural first aid remedies can be a huge help but it is still best to get proper training in dealing with asthma. This way, you are aware of the right steps to deal with an unexpected attack. Edway Training offers Provide First Aid HLTAID003 in Darlinghurst Seven Hills and Mona Vale NSW so book now.


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