Apprenticeships And Jobs For School Leavers

It’s about this time of the year, we have a lot of enquiries about pathways to apprenticeships

11 Oct 2017

What Does A Workplace First Aid Officer Do?

Every Victorian workplace is legally required to have at least one trained First Aid Officer. Every year

25 Sep 2017

Advanced First Aid Melbourne Time to take the next step?

Advanced First Aid is one of our most popular first aid courses in Sydney, and is now

13 Sep 2017

Refresher Training Melbourne – Do You Need To Update?

Refresher Training Melbourne is one of the most important group of courses we offer. Refresher Training

17 Aug 2017

Jobs in Melbourne – Be Metro Melbourne Ready!

Just in case you missed it – the Victorian Premier announced the Metro Melbourne Twin Tunnel project

31 Jul 2017

Forklift Licence And White Card Training – A Winning Combination

Looking for work?  Getting your White Card and Forklift Licence is a really good place to start.

21 Jul 2017

Ensure Training Course Success With Edway Instructors

One of the things Edway is most proud of is the high quality of the Instructors of

5 Jul 2017

Job Search – Which Are The Best Jobs For The Future?

Before you do a job search to help decide what the best jobs for the future will

22 Jun 2017

5 Reasons Why You Should Take Short Courses Melbourne

Edway’s Short Courses Melbourne can offer a different pathway for your future career. Not every school leaver

17 Jun 2017

Boom Lift And Scissor Lift Training Q&As

Many occupations which require you to work above ground level are only available to those who have

25 May 2017

Green Card NSW, Blue Card Qld – Which Card Training do I need?

Green Card NSW, Blue Card Qld, Induction Card Training, White Card Australia, Ohs Card, Red Card Victoria,

12 May 2017

How to land Bartending Jobs now you have an RSA Certificate

Ok, so you’ve recently passed your RSA Certificate, and you’d really like to find Bartending jobs?  For

24 Apr 2017