Advanced First Aid Fundamentals: Enhancing Life-Saving Skills

When it comes to first aid, having basic skills is undoubtedly crucial. However, there’s a level beyond that — an advanced tier that equips you with the expertise to manage complex emergencies. At Edway Training, our Advanced First Aid course goes beyond the basics, going much deeper into the intricacies of life-saving techniques that can make a significant difference in critical situations. Here’s a glimpse at what you’ll learn in our advanced first aid training course:

 1. Emergency Situation Management
Being a leader in emergency situations is as vital as providing the right care. Our course teaches you to effectively manage a team of first-aiders and handle diverse emergency scenarios with confidence.

 2. Advanced First Aid And CPR Practices
Our advanced course allows you to refine your CPR and first aid skills to a professional level. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of the techniques that can make a critical difference in those crucial moments.

 3. Professional First Responder Processes
A quick and appropriate response can be a game-changer. Our course covers the processes that first responders follow and prepares you to take charge in high-pressure situations.

 4. Monitoring Vital Signs While Awaiting Professional Emergency Services 
Our advance first aid course teaches you how to keep a watchful eye on vital signs, ensuring stability until professional help arrives. Your ability to monitor and respond can be the bridge between crisis and recovery.

 5. Communicating With Professional Emergency Personnel
Effective communication is key in life-threatening situations. Our course with teach you how to liaise and coordinate with professional emergency personnel seamlessly, ensuring a smooth transition of care.

 6. Legal And Procedural Processes
Our course helps you navigate the legal and procedural aspects of emergency care. Knowing your rights and responsibilities is crucial in delivering aid within the bounds of the law.

 7. Proper Emergency CPR Equipment Care
A well-maintained toolkit is a reliable one. Our course thoroughly covers the essentials of cleaning and maintaining emergency CPR equipment, ensuring it is ready when you need it the most.

Comprehensive Course Coverage

Our Advanced First Aid course covers a range of essential topics that ensure you are properly equipped in life-threatening situations. From spinal management to defibrillation, management of anaphylactic shock to WH&S guidelines, safe manual handling, and legislation — we leave no stone unturned in preparing you for diverse emergencies.

In a world where emergencies are unpredictable, being armed with advanced first aid skills is a priceless asset. Enrol in our Advanced First Aid Course today and equip yourself with the essential skills needed to save lives!