White Card: Requirement for Construction Jobs

White Card: Requirement for Construction Jobs

The construction induction programme in Australia was developed to make construction sites safer for all employees. In Sydney, completing white card training is mandatory for most jobs in the construction industry, but many people who have never worked in the industry before wonder whether or not they must complete the training before they apply for a job.

There is no definitive answer to this question, as each employer may have his or her own requirements. Some construction companies may only consider the applications of those who have white card training, while others may extend a conditional offer of employment and need you to complete the training prior to starting work.

Even if you’re applying for a position at a company that will hire people without white card training, employers will generally favour your application over other candidates if you have already completed construction induction training. White Card Training allows employers to know that you have researched the construction industry and understand the importance of its requirements.

Whether you would like to get a head start on training or you are already in the industry and want to progress your career, Edway Training can help you complete white card training in quickly and affordably.

In NSW, white card training is offered in Sydney, Parramatta and Liverpool.
Check NSW training schedule.

In Victoria, white card training is offered in Melbourne, Sunshine and Hallam.
Check VIC training schedule.

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  1. Nitin P Varghese says:

    I wanted to ask that this particular white card course is it mandatory for people who are looking for part time jobs in the construction field.
    For how long the white card is valid, like the validity of the card?

  2. Edway says:

    Hello Nitin,

    White Card training is mandatory for all pesons (full time and part time) involved in the construction field.

    There is no expiry date as such on the card, however according to the WorkSafe VIC the card expries is person is out of the industry for the 2 consequitive years.

  3. Sheila says:

    Can you please provide details of how the course with Edway is structured and what is required from students to complete the White Card Induction course?

  4. Edell Moylan says:

    Hi , I’m moving too Austraila Melbourne the 5th of Oct this year , I want too apply for jobs in this field can I pay for my 3cards red yellow white here in Ireland , and do them when I go over ? .. Do I need a full driving license too apply for the cards/jobs ?

  5. Edway says:

    Hello Sheila,

    The white card training course covers Occupational Health and Safety related topics and consists of PowerPoint presentation, videos, class activities and test. For more information, please visit our white card page of the state where you need to do your course.

  6. Edway says:

    Hello Edell,

    You can apply via our website for the white card training and do the course when you arrive to Australia. Unfortunately, we do not provide red and yellow card training but there are other companies available that do those courses. Google is always a good helper 🙂

    You do not need a driver’s licence to apply for the white card training course. In regards to the job, that really depends on the job type.

    For more info and course booking, please refer to the white card training page of the website.

  7. Josie says:

    Hi I’m interested in becoming a traffic controller & I was wondering if a white card course is government funded with your company??

  8. Edway says:

    Hello Josie,

    Unfortunately, we do not have government funding for the white cards and traffic courses. However, we do give a discount for the prepayments.

  9. Ness says:

    Hi could you tell me if there is a minimum age to apply for your white card?

  10. Edway says:

    In Victoria, the working age is 15 years or over. There is no minimum age for children working in family business. To be employed without a permit a child must be 15 years. For info about other stats, please refer to https://www.fairwork.gov.au/find-help-for/young-workers-and-students/what-age-can-i-start-work

  11. Rodger Green says:

    Is the white card valid in ireland to cover safe pass course

  12. Edway says:

    Hello Rodger,

    Thanks for your enquiry.

    I guess course content might be simular (since both training courses cover Occupoational Health and Safety related topics).

    However, Australian white cards cover Australian laws, regulations and standards and issued by Australian government authorities.

    Although white cards are accepted nationally and valid across every state and territory in Australia, they are not valid in any other countries.

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