Crucial Things To Remember About CPR On Seniors
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Important Things To Remember About CPR On Seniors

Important Things To Remember About CPR On Seniors

CPR is certainly a life-saving procedure for most patients. However, people need to be very careful about trying it on the elderly. CPR on seniors might not be as helpful as most of us believe. Unfortunately, it could only make the situation worse.

Will CPR Work On Seniors?

CPR requires firm chest compressions applied at a certain pace. It’s an efficient procedure that ensures that the brain is not deprived of oxygen. Although it is very helpful to a healthy adult who has suffered cardiac arrest, it might not have the same effect on the elderly. This is because senior citizens have weaker bodies that might not be able to cope with the compressions.

How Can CPR Affect Senior Citizens?

Although CPR might be able to help an elderly person to a certain extent, performing chest compressions could do more harm than good. A senior citizen might suffer from lung bruising, airway damage, internal bleeding, or even broken ribs. Additionally, those with existing medical conditions might not recover well after the procedure. With that in mind, it is best to take extra care when dealing with the elderly.

  • Take note of the patient’s age before performing CPR.
  • Check on any existing medical conditions before taking action.
  • Be careful if you need to perform chest compressions.

Performing CPR on the elderly can be a delicate situation but it can be the only way to save a life. Make sure you are prepared with the proper knowledge when dealing with senior citizens. Edway Training offers Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) HLTAID001 courses in Melbourne and Sunshine VIC. Book today and make sure you have the right tools to deal with any situation.