WHS Policies

    The objective of this policy is to ensure that Edway Training abides by WHS legislation by observing a Duty of Care for employees and a Duty to Consult with them to help ensure a safe working environment, free of the risk of harm to their health, safety and welfare, and has imposed penalties for failing to take the necessary precautions. It has also reinforced the need to apply Risk Management to the identification, assessment, elimination, control and review of workplace risks.

  2. SCOPE
    This Policy applies to all students’ managers, officers, workers and trainer and contractors.

    The Operations Manager is responsible for the implementation and monitoring of this policy and all Departmental Managers will be responsible to ensure that staff and students are made aware of its application.

    Edway Training will ensure that they will:

    • Provide and maintain a safe work environment;
    • Provide and maintain safe plant and structures;
    • Provide and maintain safe systems of work;
    • Ensure the safe use, handling and storage of plant, structures and substances;
    • Provide adequate facilities (and ensure access is maintained);
    • Provide instruction, training, information and supervision; and
    • Monitor the health of workers and conditions at the workplace.


    RTO Premises

    • Follow the directions of your local health authority

    Safety Checks

    • The Administration Staff will conduct a safety check of our office premises on a regular basis using the Workcover Small Business Occupational Health and Safety Inspection checklists.
    • An OHS report will be discussed with the Directors. This will be recorded as part of continuous improvements.

    Notification of a Hazard

    • A member of staff who identifies a hazard or potential hazard in their daily work will notify and act on this immediately and report this.

    First Aid

    • A First Aid kit will be readily accessible in the office of all training sites.
    • An Injuries and Incidents Register

    Fire Safety

    • Edway Training will observe all relevant fire safety requirements. Firefighting equipment will be checked every six months.
    • The Director’s will exercise general oversight of fire safety requirements at all times.

    Duty to Consult

    • OH&S policy and practices are included in the induction program for all employees and trainers.
    • The contents of all First Aid kits will be checked and replenished where necessary.

    Emergencies and Evacuations

    • Edway Training acknowledges its responsibility under OH&S legislation to maintain a safe and healthy workplace and acknowledges the development and observance of sound emergency and evacuation procedures as part of that responsibility.

    RTO Training Sites

    Safety Checks

    • The Trainers and Contractors will conduct a safety check of training rooms and/ or training sites prior to conducting training.
    • Trainers and Contractors will check all plant and / or equipment prior to training to ensure all are in safe working. Any faulty equipment will be tagged out, an OHS report will be completed and discussed with the Directors. This will be recorded as part of continuous improvements.
    • All training sessions will have appropriate PPE as required for class and student numbers.

    Conducting Training

    • All classes will be timetabled to finish between 8.00 am and 5 pm (7 days a week).
    • No classes will be timetabled for more than 8hrs per day, including breaks.
    • Class size numbers will be capped to allow adequate supervision of practical session, or additional Trainer/Assessor or contractor will be assigned.
    • All Edway Training’s staff are expected to exercise a pastoral concern for students and to assist them as best they can and as appropriate to the staff member’s position.
    • Trainer/Assessor’s will conduct a site induction prior to all training sessions informing students of relevant emergency procedures, facility’s, exits and site layout as required.
    • Trainer/Assessor will provide adequate training prior to any activities that might pose a physical risk such as traffic management course.
    • Where risks cannot be eliminated, Trainer/Assessor’s and Contractors will ensure procedures are in place to minimise risks as much as possible such as team lifting techniques for road sign placement.
    • Trainer/Assessors and Contractors will ensure continued training and supervision throughout practical activities.
    • Students are required to wear appropriate attire and protective clothing stipulated for the course. Students who are not wearing appropriate protective clothing will not be permitted to participate in the training. Students are made aware of the need to abide by this requirement prior to course commencement.

    Student Welfare

    Prior to the commencement of assessment scenarios taking place, Health & Safety issues need to be carefully considered by the Trainer/Assessor, whether being conducted in Edway Training facilities or at a client’s office.

    Also, students need to be advised by the Trainer/Assessor of all Health & Safety considerations prior to performing any assessment scenarios, the Health & Safety considerations would include (but is not limited to);

    • Any physical activities during assessment
    • Any emergency procedures that could occur and what to do (e.g. fire evacuation)
    • Disclosure from students for any injuries that may restrict their involvement
    • Training room conditions/environment

    In the event of an incident or emergency, the assessment scenarios must be stopped. Trainer/Assessor must record any incidents or emergencies in a ‘Register of Injuries’ or ‘Incident Report’ form; and Edway Training Directors must be informed immediately.

    Off-site Training Sites

    Safety Checks

    • Edway Training’s Trainer/Assessor and contractors are not responsible for safety at a client site or public locations for training.
    • The Trainer/Assessor will conduct a visual safety check and complete an off-site training safety checklist at set up and prior to the conduct of a course.
    • Where there are hazards and the risk is considered too high, the course will not be conducted or will be modified to suit the conditions.
    • A Course Report including the OHS matters will be sent with recommendations to Edway Training’s Directors. In some cases, the Trainer will need to phone the Edway office and advise that the course cannot go ahead.
    • The Directors will seek whatever additional information may be required, discuss the matter for future courses.

    Accidents and Injuries

    In the event that an accident or injury occur during an Edway Training Course;

    • The Trainer/Assessor / Contractors will act as required, working with the OHS staff at the worksite / venue to deal with the accident and report the matter immediately to the Directors. The Trainer/Assessor / Contractors will complete an Accident and Injury report for Edway Training Directors, and any other relevant third party or governing body.