SafeWork NSW White Card Replacement

SafeWork NSW issued White Card Replacement Process

After successful completion of the White Card Course Sydney, SafeWork NSW requires your White Card to be carried onto work sites as proof of General Induction accreditation.

If you realise your White Card is missing, you need to apply for a replacement of your lost or stolen White Card.

No one is allowed to enter a worksite without their White Card, even if they are employed to work.

Please note that the registered training organisations, like Edway Training Pty Ltd, are not authorised to replace SafeWork NSW issued white cards.

To get a replacement, a person needs to contact Sevice NSW directly.

Here is information on how to get a replacement for SafeWork NSW issued white card:

1. If Personal Details Or Address Have Not Changed

A replacement White Card Sydney can be applied for online, at the Service NSW website. You need to click on the Apply Online link and fill in the in the appropriate details as each new screen pops up.

Before a White Card can be replaced online, you need to have:

  • A Visa or MasterCard available to pay replacement fees
  • Up to Date contact details

You will need to:

  • Select which type of license/card needs replacing
  • Put your details into the appropriate boxes
  • Fill in payment details

If either a Visa or MasterCard isn’t available, contact the SafeWork NSW hotline on 13 10 50 or call into a Service NSW Centre (office hours only) and discuss other ways to pay.

If you have any difficulties or problems understanding the replacement card process, contact the SafeWork NSW helpline on 13 10 50 (office hours only).

A translator service is offered if English is your second language.

2. If Personal Details Or Your Address Have Changed

You must update your address or personal details before completing a White Card Replacement Sydney application. Either download or complete online a Change Of Details Application or download and fill in the boxes of a Replace a High Risk Work Licence or General Construction Induction Card application.

IMPORTANT: Although most of the REPLACE A HIGH RISK WORK LICENCE OR GENERAL CONSTRUCTION INDUCTION CARD and the CHANGE OF DETAILS applications can be completed online, there is a ‘declaration’ component that needs to be personally signed after the forms have been downloaded and printed.

Both of these forms are available to download on the SafeWork NSW website (Click on the above links to download forms).

Once these pdfs have been downloaded, you will need to:

  • Carefully read through each form
  • Select which type of license/card is being replaced
  • Fill your details into the appropriate boxes
  • Payment Details also need to be completed
  • The Declaration section has to be read and signed to indicate agreement

After these forms have been completed, they need to be forwarded back to SafeWork NSW by either email or post.

  • Post to: SafeWork NSW, Locked Bag 2906, Lisarow NSW 2252
  • Email to: (emailed forms will only be accepted if you are paying by credit card)

When these forms have been validated, SafeWork NSW should send a lost or stolen White Card replacement within three weeks to the home address you’ve supplied.

Service NSW contact details

If you need any help with the replacement process, contact Service NSW on 13 77 88 or visit a service centre.

Replacement for the white cards that have been lost/stolen more than 2 years ago

If you lost your SafeWork NSW issued card and hasn’t applied for a replacement within two years, your General Construction Induction Training will expire.

In the future, if you choose to resume work in construction you must be retrained.

Please visit our White Card Sydney page for more information about white card training, training schedule and online bookings.