Why Apprenticeships are More Than Just ‘a Job’

Becoming a builders apprentice is more than a ticket out of school and into the workforce. Entering a trade under the guidance of a more experienced mentor is different to applying for a job, turning up to work and getting paid.

An apprenticeship means that each day you will turn up to the work-site with the objective of learning or mastering something new – a skill, technique or method of doing something. While initially the pay for an apprenticeship may seem little better than labouring work, the long term pay-off is far greater as many apprenticeships lead to well paid positions for skilled workers, or move towards management positions.

But for many, starting an apprenticeship is also the beginning of a relationship that can last for several years, or even a lifetime.

For the relationship to work, the employer and the apprentice must be able to get along. Working in the construction industry is high risk and at the very least requires good communication. Both parties must work to create a professional level of trust and understanding so that the employer can pass on skills and knowledge, and the apprentice can hone and practice in safe conditions.

For many apprentices, their employer becomes a mentor who guides them not only in mastering a trade or skill, but in the day to day running of a business, dealing with clients as well with the challenges of life in general. It is not uncommon for apprentices to stay on as an employee once they are fully qualified, or become partners in the business. Others go on to start their own businesses knowing they have the support of their mentor if they need it.

As part of some apprenticeships, you may be required to undertake further study or qualifications such as a Confined Spaces certificate as part of the terms of your apprenticeship. In order to start your construction related apprenticeship you, most probably, will have to have a valid White Card.

In NSW, White Card training is offered in Sydney CBD, Parramatta and Liverpool. Check NSW White Card training schedule.
In NSW, Confined Space training is offered in Parramatta. Check Confined Space training schedule.
In Victoria, White Card training is offered in Melbourne, Sunshine and Hallam. Check VIC White Card training schedule.