Which Jobs Require Online Asbestos Awareness Course?

Which Jobs Require Online Asbestos Awareness Course

Working in the construction industry means having to take a few classes that will qualify you for the job ahead. But which jobs actually require employees to complete the online Asbestos Awareness course? Certain workers will need to get further training to prepare them for certain aspects of their work.

Construction Jobs That Require Online Asbestos Awareness Course

The Asbestos Awareness course is recommended for workers who are likely to encounter asbestos in the workplace. For these employees, it is important that they can identify the chemical and take necessary steps to report its presence. They are also provided with knowledge in dealing with asbestos such as avoiding exposure.

But who needs to take the course? Check if you will need to take an additional training class. Here are the jobs that are required to complete the online Asbestos Awareness course.

  • Electricians; plasterers; painters and decorators; plumbers; carpenters and joiners; gas fitters; demolition workers; floor finishers
  • Emergency services workers
  • Building and construction workers
  • Insulation installers; air-conditioning installers; maintenance and repair workers; pest spray operators; solar panel providers

It is important to remember that the course does not give you qualification to remove asbestos. For Asbestos Removal accreditation, you need to take the Removal of Non-Friable Asbestos course. After completing the course, you will get certification to remove asbestos.

Does your jobs require you to take the online Asbestos Awareness course? Make sure you are taking your class from the best available provider. Edway Training offers the self-paced Asbestos Awareness course online. Book now and be ready for the job ahead.


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