What qualifications do you need for Traffic Control job in Melbourne?

What qualifications do you need for Traffic Control job in Melbourne?

Many travellers and students find work in Australia as a traffic controller.

This job involves using a STOP / SLOW sign that controls traffic while road repairs are being undertaken. The traffic controller has the important responsibility of telling drivers when they must stop and wait, and when they can drive slowly through a construction zone.

A traffic controller stays in touch with their fellow workers using a two-way radio system. While at work, you will need to wear regulation safety clothes in order to remain visible and safe.

To conduct this work you must hold a Traffic Controller’s Photo Licence. You can get this licence by completing a registered, one-day training course.

Traffic Control training will provide you with the required skills and knowledge to ensure your own safety and that of fellow workers, motorists and other road users. It will qualify you to:

  • Minimise the risks associated with traffic movement
  • Control traffic in a professional manner
  • Ensure indication given to traffic is consistent
  • Maintain traffic control in emergencies
  • Use a two-way radio
  • Minimise traffic delays

You will learn how to plan and prepare for your role as a traffic controller, how to operate communication devices and how to maintain a clean work environment.

How to get a Traffic Controller’s Licence in Australia:

Sign up for a one day course with a registered training provider.

Take note of the course requirements – you may be required to provide valid identification and wear particular clothing such as closed in shoes to complete the course. You may also need a valid driver’s licence and it is recommended that you have a solid understanding of the English language.

Take part in practical activities and theory assessments to obtain your qualification and receive a:

  • Statement of attainment
  • Plastic wallet sized card

Keep your card with you when working to confirm you are a licenced Traffic Controller.

To find out more about what you need to do to become a Traffic Controller in Melbourne,
visit our Traffic Control Melbourne page or call 1300 663 350.

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  1. Manu says:

    Just woundering what qualifications I need to apply for this position??

    Thank you



  2. Edway says:

    Hello Manu,

    As the minimum, you’ll need to have traffic control ticket (Control Traffic with the Stop-Slow Bat RIIWHS205D). Because the job is usually around construction sites, you’ll most probably will require to have a white card (Work Safely in the Construction Industry CPCCOHS1001A).

    In some places, you’ll need to have a driver’s licence and some jobs require traffic management ticket (Implement Traffic Management Plan RIIWHS302D).

    In Victoria, we deliver all of those courses. Please check our Melbourne page and select particular course for more course specific information.

  3. Rebecca says:

    Can you tell me if this course qualifies me to work as a traffic controller in Northern Territory I was informed it was $1000 and a weeks course?
    Thanks Rebecca

  4. Edway says:

    Hello Rebecca,

    After completion of our Traffic Control course, you will be issued with the Statement of Attainment for ‘Control Traffic with the Stop-Slow Bat RIIWHS205D’ unit of competency. Although Northern Territory does recognise training from the other states, you’ll be required to complete NT bridging course to be able to work on Northern Territory roads.

    I’m not 100% sure, what qualifications do you receive after completing $1000.00 week course but I’ve seen bridging courses for around $350.00.

    Best regards,
    Edway Training

  5. Rahul says:

    Hi Andrey,
    I see that we will be receiving the Statement of Attainment for ‘Control Traffic with the Stop-Slow Bat RIIWHS205D’ at the completion of this course. Would we need to go through any further assessment, before applying for the license from RMS? I am from Sydney, btw.


  6. Edway says:

    Hello Rahul,

    We deliver the course in Victoria (the statement of attainment is sufficient to start work here) so I’m not 100% familiar with NSW procedures.

    However, I believe that in NSW you are required to complete real work site practical assessment before applying to the RMS.

    If you are planning to work in NSW, I’d suggest to contact NSW based Registered Training Organisation that delivers traffic control courses for more detailed information.

  7. katie says:

    Hi. I am from Victoria. Once I complete the course and receive the Statement of Attainment for Control traffic, I will get the job or do I have to get further assessment. If no further assessment where I would register to get a job. Thanks

  8. Edway says:


    In Victoria, once you’ve competed your traffic control training and obtained a statement of attainment, you do not require to do any further assessments and can apply for the jobs.

    In reagrds to the jobs, google ‘Traffic Controller Job Melbourne’ to see available positions.

  9. Marianne says:


    It is 100% necessary to have a driver’s licence to work as a traffic controller? because I will like to work as Traffic controller but a don´t have a driver´s licence.


  10. Edway says:

    Hello Marianne,
    You don’t need a driver’s licence to do the training.
    In regards to the actual job, it really depends on the job. Some jobs will require driver’s licence, some not. Generally speaking, though, you’ll have a better chance to get a job if you have driver’s licence.

  11. Kira says:

    Is there an age requirement to work as a traffic controller?

  12. Edway says:

    Hello Kira,

    There is no specific traffic controller job age requirement. However, as with any job, legal working age requirement of 14 years 9 months applies.

    Due to the nature of traffic control industry, you might be required to driver a car.

    We suggest to clarify particular job age requirements with the job provider.

  13. Amanda says:

    I have my green p’s but they have recently been suspended as I have epilepsy would I still be able to get any traffic job with a suspended licence?

  14. Edway says:

    Hello Amanda,

    To complete the traffic control training, you do not need to hold drivers licence.

    In regards to the job, it really depends on a job. If it doesn’t require to drive a car, you won’t need a licence.

    I suggest to do some job research (type in google ‘traffic controller jobs melbourne’) to get a better understanding of job requirements.

  15. John says:

    English isnt my first language and english isnt that good but not too bad?
    Will i still have problems completing course?

  16. Edway says:

    Hello John,

    As long as you have basic English writing, reading and understanding skills, you can complete Traffic Control training in Melbourne.

    To be on the safe side, please speak to your trainer on the day before the class. They will be able to assess your English level and advise you if it’s acceptable for taking the class.

  17. Owen Mphathi says:

    Hi,My name is Owen Mphathi Johnson, I need to study this traffic control, I have got a high school diploma.I’m good in taking notes,listening,So what can I do to study.My number is 0849411610.

  18. Edway says:

    Hello Owen,

    To complete your traffic control training, you simply need to register for the course. There is no pre-study required and everything is covered on a day. After successful completion of the end of the day assessment, you’ll be issued with the statement of attainment.

    For more information about traffic control courses, training schedule and online booking, please visit:
    Traffic Control Melbourne https://edway.edu.au/melbourne/traffic-control-melbourne/
    Traffic Management Melbourne https://edway.edu.au/melbourne/traffic-management-melbourne/

  19. Anupam Sran says:

    Hi, my name is Anupam I have done masters of engineering. I want to do traffic controller job. which course i need to do? what is the cost of the course.

  20. Mandeep Padda says:

    hello, can anyone tell what is the pay rate of in traffic control job?

  21. Pene King says:

    Yellow there, I have recently been let go from my old job an im looking into traffic control work I see that you have an online special traffic control course for $200 if I complete this 8hour course does this mean I’m set to go out an find work or will I need other courses? Cheers

  22. Edway says:

    Hello Anupam,

    To work as a traffic controller, you’ll need a white card and a traffic control ticket. Some jobs might require having a traffic management ticket.

    For more information about courses, training schedule and online bookings, please visit following pages:
    White Card https://edway.edu.au/melbourne/white-card/
    Traffic Control https://edway.edu.au/melbourne/traffic-control-melbourne/
    Traffic Managementhttps://edway.edu.au/melbourne/traffic-management-melbourne/

  23. Edway says:

    Hello Mandeep,

    Average pay rate for the traffic controller job in Melbourne is $25 – 30 per hour. However, it depends on your experience and does not include overtime and penalty rates.

    We suggest googling ‘traffic controller jobs melbourne’ for more information.

  24. Edway says:

    Hello Pene,

    To work as a traffic controller, you’ll need a white card (which allows entering construction sites) and a traffic control ticket (which qualifies to work with the stop-slow bat). Some jobs require having traffic management ticket (which allows to set up).

    For more information about the courses, training schedule and online bookings, please visit following pages:
    White Card https://edway.edu.au/melbourne/white-card/
    Traffic Control https://edway.edu.au/melbourne/traffic-control-melbourne/
    Traffic Management https://edway.edu.au/melbourne/traffic-management-melbourne/

  25. Jim Dimogotsi says:

    Once you’ve completed this course & any other tickets like a white card what are your chances these days to start working in the field to get experience..?
    99% of the jobs advertised requires at least 1yr minimum experience in the field

  26. Edway says:

    Hi Jim,

    I don’t think that there is such a thing as working in the field for experience.

    I would suggest though to keep going through the ads. Some of them say that experience is preferrable. Also, I would recommend applying for the jobs anyway (there is a high demand for the traffic controller at the moment and you might get lucky).

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