What qualifications do you need for Traffic Control job
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What qualifications do you need for Traffic Control job in Melbourne?

Edway Training provides Traffic Control training course (Control Traffic with the Stop-Slow Bat) and Traffic Management training course (Implement Traffic Management Plan) in Melbourne from our Sunshine warehouse. These courses are required for those who is looking to be employed as a traffic controller.

Many travellers and students find work in Australia as a traffic controller.

This job involves using a STOP / SLOW sign that controls traffic while road repairs are being undertaken. The traffic controller has the important responsibility of telling drivers when they must stop and wait, and when they can drive slowly through a construction zone.

A traffic controller stays in touch with their fellow workers using a two-way radio system. While at work, you will need to wear regulation safety clothes in order to remain visible and safe.

To conduct this work you must hold a Traffic Controller’s Photo Licence. You can get this licence by completing a registered, one-day training course.

Traffic Control training will provide you with the required skills and knowledge to ensure your own safety and that of fellow workers, motorists and other road users. It will qualify you to:

  • Minimise the risks associated with traffic movement
  • Control traffic in a professional manner
  • Ensure indication given to traffic is consistent
  • Maintain traffic control in emergencies
  • Use a two-way radio
  • Minimise traffic delays

You will learn how to plan and prepare for your role as a traffic controller, how to operate communication devices and how to maintain a clean work environment.

How to get a Traffic Controller’s Licence in Australia:

Sign up for a one day course with a registered training provider.

Take note of the course requirements – you may be required to provide valid identification and wear particular clothing such as closed in shoes to complete the course. You may also need a valid driver’s licence and it is recommended that you have a solid understanding of the English language.

Take part in practical activities and theory assessments to obtain your qualification and receive a:

  • Statement of attainment
  • Plastic wallet sized card

Keep your card with you when working to confirm you are a licenced Traffic Controller.

To find out more about what you need to do to become a Traffic Controller in Melbourne,
visit our Traffic Control Melbourne page or call 1300 663 350.