Responsible Conduct Gaming in Sydney Why It Matters
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What Is Responsible Conduct Gaming Sydney And Why You Need It

Most people would consider working in a casino is a cool job that anyone can do. However, casino workers actually need to fulfil certain requirements before they can work in the gambling industry. One of these requirements is to procure the Responsible Conduct Gaming Sydney (RCG) certification in NSW. But what is the certificate for and why is it important in Sydney?

What is Responsible Conduct of Gaming?

In Sydney, all employees working in the gaming industry must hold the RCG certification. The certificate is only given to participants who complete the required course. This is the only way to procure the certificate and the training is a mandatory requirement in NSW. With that in mind, it would be best to prepare for the course before getting a job in a casino.

How Do I Get RCG Training?

You can contact an accredited provider like Edway Training, which offers the Responsible Conduct of Gaming course in Sydney. Once you book the course, you will be given a list of requirements you need for the training.

What are the Requirements in RCG Training?

You must provide a valid form of I.D. like passport, driver’s license, student card or proof of age card. All participants are also expected to have a basic understanding of the English language, both written and oral. Lastly, you are supposed to arrive at least 15 minutes before the course begins. This is to ensure that you complete the required paperwork ahead of time.

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Please Note: We have a maximum of 10 students per class and practising social distancing requirements of students being no closer than 1.5 metres from each other.