How to complete the requirements for a bartending job in Sydney.
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What Does It Take To Complete The Requirements For A Bartending Job In Sydney?

What Does It Take To Complete The Requirements For A Bartending Job In Sydney?

Like most jobs in the hospitality industry, a bartending job sounds truly exciting. If you love Australia’s night scenes, be around all sorts of individuals and have the people skills to go with it, a bartending job is perfect for you. It can also be financially gratifying especially if you’re employed by prominent businesses. However, you must hold a certification before landing a bartending job in hospitality venues where alcohol is served and sold. Thus, proving your skills and knowledge required to responsibly sell or serve alcohol.

How Do You Obtain The Required Certification To Work As A Bartender?

It is mandatory to undertake the RSA or Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol Training Course in Sydney. The course are mandatory for all individuals involved in the selling and serving of alcohol on licensed premises. 

The course will prepare you for a bartending job by learning the necessary skills such as:

  • Responsible practices for selling and serving alcohol.
  • Encourage and assist customers to consume alcohol within appropriate limits.
  • Use appropriate methods to assess the intoxication levels of customers. Thus, correctly identifying those to whom sale or service must be declined.

Once you have completed the RSA course, you’ll receive the National RSA Statement of Attainment and NSW RSA Interim Certificate. You must then get your RSA Competency Card by applying to the nearest Service NSW centre. 

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