What Do You Learn During RSA Training in Sydney?

If your job requires you to complete RSA training in Sydney, you may be curious about precisely what you’ll be learning in your class and why it’s important for you to learn it in the first place.

Sydney RSA training courses deal with how to serve alcohol responsibly. This helps to protect customers who eat and drink at your establishment, decreases the likelihood of drink driving accidents and protects your employer from legal liabilities. As a server or bartender, understanding the ins and outs of responsible service of alcohol can also help you give the best possible customer service and lead to increased tips as a result.

The basic topics covered in an RSA Sydney training course include:

  • How to know when a customer has had too much to drink
  • When to refuse service to an inebriated customer
  • Techniques for mixing drinks and serving them in a responsible manner
  • Methods of helping customers consume alcohol in moderation
  • Ways to assist customers who become intoxicated

The topics covered in RSA training will make you more comfortable in difficult situations involving alcohol at work and help you make the best possible decisions about serving customers. Topics can be covered in a classroom setting or reviewed at your convenience through online RSA training in Sydney.

For more information or to sign up for a class, please visit our RSA Sydney page.