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Understanding RCG Certificate With Edway

Certificate With Edway

Obtaining an RCG certificate from Edway Training allows you to work in the gambling industry. It provides you with the full competency to ascertain potential issues and advise patrons on responsible gambling habits.

The Edway Training RCG course covers an extensive range of topics to ensure every employee of a gambling establishment is knowledgeable and prepared, including the impact of gambling addiction, harm minimisation provisions of the gambling laws, minors and proof of age, and many more.

Employees of gambling institutions face a myriad of situations throughout their workday, some worse than others, but this is where your training comes in. With the knowledge and skills learned in our RCG course, you will be able to professionally diffuse and manage any situation.

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Working in the Best Interest of Your Patrons

Working in the gambling industry can be fun and exciting, but it’s increasingly important that every employee is properly trained and educated. So, when you put on your uniform and greet the first customer of the day, everything you do should be done with their best interest in mind. From ensuring they are of legal age to anticipating possible outcomes when things become heated and tensions flare, you need to be ready at a moment’s notice to step in and assist, always ensuring you keep your customer’s needs and best interests in mind.

Maintain a Secure Gaming Environment

Gambling venues experience frequent outbursts from patrons who have a difficult time accepting their losses, and when alcohol is involved, it can quickly escalate into a serious problem where the patron is often escorted out. This is why the RCG training and certification are a strict requirement for anyone wanting to work in the gambling industry, providing extensive knowledge on how to maintain and handle different scenarios and evaluate the effects of alcohol consumption. Thankfully, with RCG training from Edway Training, you can feel confident in your ability to work in any gambling environment and enjoy what you do because you are proficient in it.

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