Training Through Edway: What To Expect With An Owner Builder Course

As one of the leading safety training organisations in Australia, we pride ourselves at Edway Training on providing relevant, accessible, and certified courses. Our educational offerings span across diverse industries such as construction, health, and hospitality. And within this, one of our top-performing training products is the Owner Builder Course.

Every year, it attracts hundreds of students with each intake, and for good reason too. It gives tradespeople the additional certification they need to work on their own projects, allows individuals to manage their own renovations, and amplifies the services offered by reputable building companies.

With so much value to offer, it’s no wonder it’s a popular course to consider for those hoping to extend their skills and acquire valuable credentials. With this in mind, we break down the course to help you decide if it is the right fit for you.

Why Choose This Course? 

There are a number of reasons to consider enrolling in the Owner Builder Course. This can be a way to further your education in the construction industry. It’s a good introductory start to owning your own building company one day, if you wish. But it can also serve to assist you within your own home, allowing you to keep costs low as you will be certified to manage renovations or new builds.

What Do You Need To Enrol? 

Before applying for the Owner Builder Course, the good news is that we do not require our students to hold a valid White Card. This course is available to all, and while a White Card is a crucial requirement to work at any level in the construction field, it’s not imperative to hold one to qualify for this course. However, if you want to apply for an Owner Builder permit after completing this course, then a White Card is required. You can complete our White Card course here !

What Is The Owner Builder Course? 

The NSW Owner Builder Course is a much-needed introductory course that allows you to apply for the NSW Owner Builder Permit. Edway Training assures all our students that this is a nationally accredited and recognised Owner Builder Course that will meet all the educational requirements set out by Fair Trading NSW.

What Are The Benefits Of Choosing Edway?

Edway Training offers the Owner Builder Course online, which allows you to access study and training material literally anywhere. The advantage of studying online is that you have more flexibility with your schedule with our self-paced teaching methods. Besides the convenience of our online offering, it is competitively priced and is AQSA-approved.

Furthering your education and career has never been easier with Edway Training. We bring you comprehensive courses that are affordable, flexible, and in-demand in the workforce. Book your Owner Builder Course with us today to get started.