Things To Remember About RSA Training In Sydney

Things To Remember About RSA Training In Sydney

Summer is the perfect time to get some extra money working in a pub or restaurant. Although getting a job as a server seems easy, you may be required to take RSA training Sydney before you start. After all, it is a requirement for anyone who works in an establishment that serves alcohol to have RSA training in sydney. With that in mind, it’s best to remember a few important things about the course.

RSA Training is all about Safety

The course covers alcohol-related topics including important information about the liquor industry. You will also learn about the dangers of alcohol and intoxication so you can identify drunken patrons who may endanger the safety of your colleagues and others in the establishment.

In addition to its dangers, you will be taught the benefits of responsible service of alcohol and how to take proper strategies when serving liquor. Moreover, you will know when to refuse service and how to deal with underage drinking. All of these topics will help you become a better server at your workplace.

Be prepared for your Training

You don’t need to do too much research before taking RSA training. However, there are still some important requirements needed before you could take part in the course.

Interested parties must provide a valid form of identification like a driver’s license, passport, proof of age card, or student card. You are also expected to arrive early for the course so you can fill up the necessary paperwork ahead of time. It is recommended to come in at least 15 minutes before the schedule. This way, you are properly prepared for the training ahead of you.

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