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4 Key Benefits Of Using A Single Training Provider

Enlist the help of a registered provider to take care all your training needs.


There are a number of training organisations providing industrial qualifications in Sydney and other major cities around Australia. So why use just one?


Here are a few reasons to ‘pick and stick’ with a quality trainer.

1. No more expired qualifications.

Many industrial courses need revisiting and renewing periodically. Take the stress out of making sure your staff’s licences are up to date by having everything under the umbrella of one company.

To make life easier for our clients, Edway Training sends out regular reminders well before a qualification expires. This means you don’t have to worry about fines caused by invalid permits.

2. Regular follow-ups.

For many businesses, training is ongoing. It not only helps you adhere to legal requirements, it gives your team more confidence in their abilities.

Staying with the same training provider means you will receive regular advice and recommendations on upcoming courses to will improve the way your staff and your company operate.

3. A team you can trust.

Establish a strong relationship with a registered training provider and you’re unlikely to fall victim to fly-by-night operators who can’t be relied on in the long term. Additionally, you’ll be able to provide regular feedback so that your trainers can adapt to suit your requirements.

You’ll also have the benefit of getting to know the staff and understanding exactly what to expect.

4. It’s just plain easier.

When you register your staff with Edway, we will store the details of your company in our system. Signing up for subsequent courses will be quick and straightforward.

Edway is one of the biggest providers of short courses in Australia, with a large client base around the country. We pride ourselves on developing relationships with the companies we work with and making the training process as simple as possible.


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With offices in almost every state, Edway provides short course and on-site training for the construction, health and hospitality industries. Contact us to find out more about providing your staff with the qualifications they need to get the job done.