Things You Need to Know About Traffic Control Training Course
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Significant Information You Need to Know about Traffic Control Training Course

Traffic Control Training Course

Pursuing a new career path can be both exciting and overwhelming. Although it doesn’t stop us from exploring new possibilities and the trials that come with your decision. 

Facts You Need To Know in Preparation for the Traffic Control Training Course

Learning new skills can be challenging and sometimes a little uncomfortable and it helps if you’re one step ahead. Therefore it is best to start preparing yourself by gathering all the facts about the course. So here are some basic yet significant information before taking the Traffic Control training course.

  • Traffic Control training course is mandatory. It may sound simple job but a traffic controller’s roles and responsibilities are crucial for the order and safety of everyone on the road. Therefore, it is a requirement for all individuals to complete the Traffic Control training course using a stop-slow bat before embarking on the duties of a Traffic Controller on a public road. 
  •  The topics covered by the course are planning and preparing, controlling traffic, operating communication devices and cleaning up.
  • An individual must attend a refresher course every three years.
  • A valid Traffic Controller’s Statement of Attainment must be carried at all times when operating as a Traffic Controller. It must be presented to any Police officer, WorkSafe officer, VicRoads officer, or to the individual in charge of a worksite upon their request. 

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